Sunday, January 15, 2012

Youthful Clone Blood - Cures Everything!

       I read a NewScientist article today, about MS damage being reversed by youthful blood in older mice (here).  Now the interesting thing is not that the young blood helped with the damage, but the way they used the blood.  They actually mechanically attached the circulatory systems of the mice together!  I am sure this would be extremely horrible to be those mice.   

How to Live Forever in  Three Easy Steps:
1. Grow a clone of yourself (you don't want your body to reject the stem cells).
2. Attach the umbilical cord of the baby directly to your circulatory system (This way you don't have to feed it directly or ever change a diaper. Probably best to make it brain dead first, and give it some anti-growth hormones...).
3. Party on!

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