Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ruining the World on the Cheap - Part 2

The plan: Destroy the Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines

Everyone loves thermite.  It burns extremely hot, and will melt pretty much everything (perhaps not some exotic ceramics).  So let's use it to cause a collapse of the world economy (and by that I mean the economy of the USA).

This plan requires
- a group of people working for free (we will call them "terrorists")
- powdered aluminum (2500$/tonne)
- powdered rust (750$/tonne)
- magnesium ribbon/scrap (3000$/tonne)

So let's say we have 100 million budget for thermite.  At a aluminum to rust ratio of 1:3, with a tiny bit of magnesium, we could prepare about 20 thousand tonnes of thermite.   Now lets say we use 1 tonne per action, so we need 20,000 cell phones rigged to ignite the magnesium and about 1000 trucks.  Each truck crewed by one "terror cell", with shovels. Perhaps we need another 20 million ( 1000 trucks * 10000$ + 20,000 cell detonators * 500$).

The Plan: Destroy Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines.

Most pipelines are buried under a mound of dirt.  This is great, as we will use this to contain the thermite and makes them easy to find.  We just need to dig 20,000 holes above the pipes, fill the holes with thermite, then set the igniters.  When they all go off at the same time, all oil and natural gas will be shut off at once.  The USA has about 800,000 km of pipelines, so we would put a hole every 40km or so.  It would be better to place the holes closer on major pipes, and farther apart on closer ones.

This would cripple the economy for months.  People would not be able to drive, power plants would shut down, everything would stop.  For months.  For cheap.